Under Frank Markowitsch’s direction, the Hochschule for Music will search for traces of the Mendelssohn family in Freiburg from 17 June until 8 July 2017.

The name Mendelssohn has long stood for religious tolerance, open-mindedness, and cultural commitment. The philosopher Moses Mendelssohn was the model for Lessing’s “Nathan the Wise”; his grandson Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy was a brilliant musician and an inspired composer with an enormous influence on the development of German Romanticism. The Mendelssohn family left many traces in Freiburg: the cantata Wie der Hirsch schreit nach frischem Wasser was written in the city, Cécile and Felix spent their honeymoon in Höllental, and one of their sons – Karl Mendelssohn Bartholdy – was the founder of the Institute of History at Freiburg University. Frank Markowitsch will lead the Hochschule’s search for these traces in modern Freiburg. Among other things, the public will have the chance to sing in a workshop concert, take part in a bicycle tour to historic sites, and attend concerts, a symposium, and even a “Mendelssohn Transposition Competition.”

On 24 June, Frank Markowitsch will be a guest on the SWR 2 program “Treffpunkt Klassik” (10.30 AM – 12 PM) to discuss the project and his work in Freiburg.

Additional information about the Mendelssohn Project and a detailed list of events can be found at www.mh-freiburg.de